The HoltHammer Cycles Motorcycle Gang circa 1985 HoltHammer Cycles has a history, dating back to 1982, of being involved with the motorcycle industry. Starting with the Shovelhead then to the Evo (Blockhead) and now working with the Twin-Cam, HoltHammer Cycles has been involved in a rich history of motorcycling. In the late 80's, HoltHammer Cycles became involved with the antiques segment of the industry with Knuckleheads and Flatheads in it's arsenal.

HoltHammer Cycles is a full service motorcycle shop located in Minturn, Colorado. Visit our Locate page to get direction to the shop. HoltHammer Cycles has a full machine shop that can perform all machining services needed for complete engine and tranny rebuilds. HoltHammer Cycles has a Kwik-Way bore bar for resizing cylinders, a KOLee valve grinder for resurfacing and shaping valves for performance head flow and a Kwik-Way valve seat grinder to cut the valve seats to add flow to cylinder heads. The shop contains a lathe and mill to perform all types of machine operations.

Safety First; Eye Protection, Gloves & Boots.
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